The Classification Society Distinguished Dissertation Award

supported by Chapman and Hall/CRC

The Classification Society each year offers an award for an outstanding PhD dissertation on the theme of clustering, classification, related areas of data analysis, encompassing both associated theory and/or applications. The 2014 Award was US $500 in book vouchers from Chapman and Hall/CRC and an invited presentation at the CS Annual Meeting.

The winner of the 2014 Classification Society Distinguished Dissertation Award is Irene Vrbik, for her dissertation titled Non-Elliptical and Fractionally-Supervised Classification (University of Guelph). Hsin-Hsiung Huang received honorable mention this year for his dissertation Information extraction for Virus Classification and Robust Dimension Reduction (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Previous Award Winners

Frank Busing, Advances in MultiDimensional Unfolding, Leiden University, The Netherlands, April 2010
Daniel Aloise, Exact Algorithms for Minimum Sum-of-Squares Clustering, University of Montreal, June 2009.
Innar Liiv, Pattern Discovery Using Seriation and Matrix Reordering: A Unified View, Extensions and an Application to Inventory Management, Tallinn University of Technology, Aug 2008.
Anita Van der Kooij, Prediction Accuracy and Stability of Regression with Optimal Scaling Transformations, (Leiden University, June 27, 2007)