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Call for Participation

Data Analysis Challenges Arising from the DNA Barcode Initiative

The Challenge: The Data Analysis Working Group (DAWG) of the Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL) has developed interdisciplinary research challenge problems in statistics and computer science arising from DNA barcoding, a method proposed as a tool for differentiating species. Students, postdocs, and researchers from all over the world are challenged to develop new approaches to these problems. Compelling solutions to these challenges will require collaboration among taxonomists, population geneticists, and evolutionary and systematic biologists, so DAWG encourages the formation of multidisciplinary teams.

Presenting Preliminary Ideas at a Workshop in Paris: Preliminary ideas for approaches to these problems will be discussed at a workshop at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris on 6-8 July 2006 (see ). Participation in this workshop will be limited to approximately 40 presenters of preliminary results and attendees who can offer useful feedback to the presenters. Space will therefore be limited and all those wishing to participate in the workshop should register at no later than 29 June 2006. However, you are urged to register early as we will close registration when all spaces are filled.

Travel awards for a limited number of Europeans who would like to give presentions at this workshop will be available through funding from the Conservation Genetics Programme of the European Science Foundation. Travel awards for US presenters will also be available, pending funding agency approval. Travel support will focus primarily on increasing the participation of students, postdocs and junior faculty.

Presenting More Advanced Results at a Conference in Southeast Asia: The preliminary workshop will be followed by an international conference in southeast Asia in February 2007, during which the most promising approaches to these challenge problems will be presented. Travel awards will also be available (pending funding agency approval).

For the full Call for Participation, including the statement of the research challenges, see:

For instructions on how to submit an abstract for the Paris workshop, see

To apply for travel funds to give a presentation at the Paris workshop, see

For information about the DNA Barcode Initiative, see:

Important dates:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 2 June 2006

Deadline for submission of requests for travel support: 2 June 2006

Deadline for registration: 29 June 2006

Announcement of final agenda of presenters, awards of travel support:as early as possible after 2 June 2006