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Classification Society of North America

Instructions for voting in the 2007 CSNA election

This year elections are being held for two office:

CSNA uses a modified Hare system of voting: for each election you must rank the candidates in order of preference (1 = most preferred, etc.). The election will be conducted via the web, and you have until January 18 to complete the online ballot. Please follow these steps for participating in the election:

  1. Review the candidate names and statements on the candidate page. Candidates are listed in order of surname. The page contains links to biographical sketches and to candidates' home pages.
  2. (Optional step) Consider accepting GSLIS as a trusted certificate authority for secure web connections. The https certificates for CSNA are issued by the University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science. If you proceed to the ballot without accepting GSLIS as a certificate authority, your web browser will present you with scary messages warning you that someone may be attempting to intercept your data. Please don't worry. If you decide to accept GSLIS as a trusted certificate authority, your browser will from that point trust all GSLIS-issued certificates and will stop complaining. If you don't wish to permanently accept all GSLIS-issued certificates, you can simply proceed to the ballot and ignore the warning. The options are to either:
    1. Load the certificate acceptance page, follow the link for DER mode, open the certificate file, and follow your browser's instructions for installation.
    2. Or just skip this step, proceed to the ballot page as described below, and be prepared to accept the certificate temporarily, despite any browser warning.
  3. Connect to the online ballot page. This connection is via the secure http protocol (https). Your browser will alert you that it's a secure connection, require you to accept a certificate from our website, and then confirm that you wish to proceed.
  4. Enter your name and email address in the identification section of the ballot. This information will be stored separately from your votes, but linked to that information via a ballot ID number that will be generated when you submit the form data. The email address you provide will be checked against the current membership list, and will be used to generate an automatic email message to you confirming that your votes have been recorded. In this way, the election results can be determined using anonymous ballots, but an audit trail exists in the event that concerns are raised regarding an individual ballot or voter.
  5. Rank the candidates for each election. Please rank candidates for each election, including uncontested races.
  6. Review your rankings before submitting the form data. In the interests of accessibility and browser support, the ballot page uses only ordinary HTML forms. This means that (as with a paper ballot) no technical measures constrain you to follow the directions.
  7. After reviewing your rankings, submit the form data by pressing the submit button. An email message confirming the record of your votes will be generated and sent immediately.

If you have concerns about your ballot, please contact Dave Dubin ( Include the ballot ID number if you have one.