Lecture Presentations

Used in:

Cours Master M2

UE 33 - Méthodes statistiques en astrophysique

  1. Principal components analysis and dimensionality reduction analysis methods
  2. [Complementary information] PCA on multi-band images
  3. Cluster analysis
  4. [Complementary information]
  5. Voronoi diagram and Delaunay triangulation applet (Ping-Che Chen, National Taiwan University.)
  6. [Complementary information] Hierarchic clustering of 3D galaxy distributions.
  7. Discriminant analysis, supervised classification
  8. [Complementary information] Multivariate Data Analysis (extended version of F Murtagh and A Heck, Multivariate Data Analysis, Kluwer, 1987).
  9. [Complementary information] Software Introduction to R (based on a Mac)
  10. Correspondence analysis
    1. Correspondance analysis
    2. Data coding in correspondence analysis
    3. Applications of correspondence analysis (in ppt)