6th Annual Public Boole Lecture in Informatics
Boole Centre for Research in Informatics, Annual Boole Lecture Series, University College Cork, Ireland, 29 April 2008
Fionn Murtagh, "The Correspondence Analysis Platform for Uncovering Deep Structure in Data and Information"
Preprint, Computer Journal, in press, Advance Access 9 Sept. 2008

Software Accompanying:
Correspondence Analysis and Data Coding
with R and Java

The software and data presented here accompanies the book Correspondence Analysis and Data Coding with R and Java, by Fionn Murtagh, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2005, pp 250+xviii.

Benzécri, from Foreword:
"Physics progresses, mainly, by constituting corpora of rare phenomena among immense sets of ordinary cases. The simple observation of one of these ordinary cases requires detection apparatus based on millions of small elementary detectors.
Yet physics is, in part, a computational science, as evidenced by the conclusion of a paper on the theory of generalized zeta functions: "Our results are secure, numerically, yet appear very hard to prove by analysis".
I repeat: the statistician has to be modest. The work of my generation has been exalting. A new statistical and data analysis is there to be invented, now that one has inexpensive means of computation that could not be dreamed of just thirty years ago."

Some of the programs, especially the R and C ones, are in ascii text. Some others are binary (e.g. the clustering DLL program, and the Java class files). The Java code and the data sets are collected together in tar files, to be extracted using WinZIP or tar or some similar utility.

1. Software in R

The R package can be obtained for most computer platforms at the address The R Project for Statistical Computing.

2. Text Processing

The text processing support programs are all in C.

3. Software in Java

To install JDK or JRE (see below), check Sunsoft Sun Developer Network Site.

4. Updates to the Book



5. Other R Software for Correspondence Analysis

6. Book Reviews and Survey Papers

  • F. Murtagh, Origins of modern data analysis linked to the beginnings and early development of computer science and information engineering, http://arxiv.org/abs/0811.2519, submitted, 2008.
  • Jan de Leeuw's review of this book in Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 14, Sept. 2005. My reply to Jan's review focusing on the continuing ground-breaking innovation underlying data coding in the correspondence analysis and associated data analysis framework.
  • Review of M. Greenacre and J. Blasius, Multiple Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods, Chapman-Hall, 2006. To appear in Psychometrika.
  • Review, Journal of Classification, 25, 137-141, 2008, of Brigitte Le Roux and Henry Rouanet, Geometric Data Analysis, From Correspondence Analysis to Structured Data Analysis, Kluwer, Dordrecht, 2004.

    7. Other Data Analysis and Signal Processing Software

    8. Online Writings of J.P. Benzécri

    9. Linnaeus, Huyghens, Laplace

    From J.-P. Benzécri et coll., L'Analyse des Données. Tome I, Taxinomie. Tome II, Correspondances. Dunod, 1973 (2nd edn., 1976).
    1. Linnaeus
    2. Huyghens
    3. Laplace

    Author's homepage. Page d'acceuil. Contact: f murtagh at acm dot org (user name: one word)