Point Pattern Matching

  • Murtagh, F., "A new approach to point pattern matching", Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 104, 301-307, 1992. Paper (Postscript), without figures, tables. Scanned copy of paper, but note: nearly 12.8 MB in size.
  • Murtagh, F., "A feature-based O(n2) approach to point pattern matching", Proc. 11th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Vol. II, IEEE Computer Society Press, New York, 174-177, 1992. Paper (Postscript), without figures, tables.
  • Resources.
    Programs (Fortran): featmatch.f, globmatch.f.
    Data sets: S. Ortolani data set 1, S. Ortolani data set 2, S. Ortolani data set 2 rotated.
  • Nicolas Devillard's conversion into C of F. Murtagh's Fortran programs (gzipped tar file). From Nicolas: "Let us say that this is a pre-alpha version for now. it was at some point stand-alone, then integrated into a larger package that does not exist anymore, then made stand-alone again. It compiles and runs but... Caveat emptor. I hope to find the time to put something nicer together later on."
  • Other links, approaches, applications, ...

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