Distribution Lists and Usenet Newsgroups of Interest to Classification Research

F. Murtagh (fmurtagh@eso.org), May 1994


Lists & Newsgroups:

CLASS-L                        List directed towards classification.  
                               In May 1994, about 600 subscriptions.  
                               Set up by Jim Rohlf and Bill Day a 
                               number of years ago.  Volume of traffic 
                               is small.  To subscribe, see under 
                               General Notes above.
IMAGRS-L                       Remote sensing topics.  To subscribe 
                               see http://adis.cesnet.cz/cgi-bin/lwgate/IMAGRS-L/
IR-L                           Information retrieval topcis.  
                               To subscribe 
                               see http://sigir.org/sigirlist/"
comp.ai.fuzzy                  Fairly low volume.
comp.ai.neural-nets            A few dozen messages per day.  This 
                               includes the approximately weekly, 
                               moderated Neuron Digest.  
comp.graphics.visualization    Low volume.
comp.infosystems.gis           A high-volume newsgroup.
comp.theory.self-org-sys       Very low volume.
sci.image.processing           A dozen or two messages per day.
sci.stat subhierarchy          Includes: sci.stat.consult, 
                               sci.stat.edu and sci.stat.math.  A 
                               few dozen messages per day.