Clustering and Classification

Edited by Phipps Arabie, Lawrence J. Hubert, and Geert De Soete
Publisher: World Scientific Publishers, Singapore and River Edge NJ

ISBN: 981-02-1287-9 (hardback)
ISBN: 981-02-1354-9 (paperback)

John A. Hartigan
An overview of combinatorial data analysis
Phipps Arabie and Lawrence Hubert
Hierarchical classification
A. D. Gordon
A hierarchical classes model: Theory and method with applications in psychology and psychopathology
Seymour Rosenberg, Iven Van Mechelen, and Paul De Boeck
Tree and other network models for representing proximity data
J. Douglas Carroll and Geert De Soete
Complexity theory: An introduction for practitioners of classification
William H. E. Day
Neural networks for clustering
Fionn Murtagh
A review of cluster analysis research in Japan
Akinori Okada
Clustering and multidimensional scaling in Russia (1960-1990): A review
Boris G. Mirkin and Ilya Muchnik
Clustering validation: Results and implications for applied analyses
Glenn W. Milligan
Probability models and hypotheses testing in partitioning cluster analysis
Hans H. Bock
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