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Journal of Classification

The journal is published by the Classification Society of North America, with the support of the International Federation of Classification Societies. Two issues are published each year. The aims of the journal are:
To publish original and valuable papers in the field of classification, numerical taxonomy, multidimensional scaling and other ordination techniques, tree structures and other network models (with somewhat less emphasis on principal components analysis, factor analysis, and discriminant analysis), as well as associated models and algorithms for fitting them.

The Editor of the journal is:
Professor Phipps Arabie
Faculty of Management
Rutgers University
180 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102-1895
Email: 2018001@rutvm1.bitnet

The Book Review Editor is:
Professor Stephen C Hirtle
Department of Information Science
752 LIS Building
University of Pittsburg
Pittsburg, PA 15260