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Sequence Analysis and Comparison: A Bibliography

In August of 1995, William H. E. Day published version 6 of his bibliography of papers on the theory and methodology of sequence analysis, alignment, comparison and consensus. At that time the bibliography contained many papers on estimating phylogenies from sequences, but only a few on the comparison or prediction of sequence structures.

The content of the bibliography has not been updated since August of 1995. David Dubin later converted the records from their semi-structured format to a well-formed XML document. Although every care was taken to preserve the integrity of the records, some errors may have been introduced in the porting from database to ASCII file, to XML.

The bibliography is made available as-is, with the understanding that neither the author nor the webmaster can accept legal responsibility for any errors or omissions which may have been made.

There are 1760 entries in the bibliography, representing 1669 authors, 76 editors, 358 keywords, 196 journals, and 31 different publication years. In its uncompressed form, the XML document is over 1.4 megabytes in size. In the interests of efficient transfer, we have compressed the file using the GNU zip program (gzip). In its compressed form, the file is 432K in size.

Any person wishing to take on the task of updating and maintaining the Sequence Analysis and Comparison bibliography should contact David Dubin at the University of Illinois Information Systems Research Laboratory (

The Sequence Analysis and Comparison Bibliography (432K compressed, 1.4M uncompressed